The Fifteen Traits That Make The Ideal Female Partner For a Guy


One Anonymous Female user on GAG posted this question (though I have my theories on who it is, 21 to 24 years old, Xper Level 4 to 7), and she hit the nail on the head with it. I added a few more to the list, making it fifteen total.

A woman doesn't need to have ALL of these, but having at least eight puts her in good standing compared to girls around her, and the more she has, the more likely she is to attract a high-quality good man who will treat her like the unicorn she is. Sadly, it seems like the majority of modern women don't even have half of these traits, let alone six of them. But without further ado, let's just see what she said and go over the traits that make the ideal woman for (most) men.

1. 100% biologically female.

This is a given. Unless the guy is pansexual (gay), he is going to want an actual woman. Transw omen do not count here, if we're only talking about heterosexual men and what kind of woman they want.

2. 100% Heterosexual.

Again, unless the guy is pansexual (gay) or a cuc kold, he is going to want a woman who is actually straight. Not gay, lesbian, or any of the hundred different synonyms for it, like "bi" or "heteroflexible." That crap is disgusting and no man with self-respect would date/marry a lesbian. Lots of men do, but no man with self-respect becomes a willing literal cuck for his partner.

3. Monogamous/faithful.

Again, unless the guy is a cuc kold, he doesn't want his woman cheating on him. Without trust, there is no relationship. And without respect, there is no trust.

4. Always treats you with respect.

Respect includes appreciation, recognition, and gratitude for what you do for her. Respect is the cornerstone of any human relationship, romantic, professional, or platonic, and this entire post is going over what respect looks like in a heterosexual relationship.

5. Has class and dignity.

A woman who has class and dignity regarding her body and relationship. As in, she's not a slut or promiscuous. This doesn't just mean sleeping around; this includes se x work, and doing awful, degrading crap like OF. Literally no high-quality or self-respecting woman (who's not already an adult film star or s ex worker) does OF. S ex work is as classless and disgusting as you can get, especially the lazy, half-baked s ex work that OF is.

6. Has a sense of humor.

Not required, but highly appreciated. Having a sense of humor means a woman can take a joke and laugh at herself. Being funny means a person can make others laugh. Asking for a funny woman is too much, but a woman that can laugh at herself? That's a turn on.

7. Intelligent.

Like a sense of humor, this is not expected or required, but highly appreciated. An intelligent woman tends to have many of these other traits listed, such as self-respect, a sense of humor, takes care of herself, and great conflict and communication skills.

8. Cooks and cleans.

No one is expecting a modern woman to be a houseslave. However, if you want a traditional relationship with the man as the breadwinner, this is a must-have. It is not required for relationships, but certainly will turn-off a lot of men from being interested in you. More so the "being a grown woman who can't cook" part than the "cleaning" part. But still, both grown men and women should know the basics of cooking. No one is expecting you to be a culinary chef, but at least know how to make eggs and spaghetti for your man.

9. Takes good care of herself (mentally, spiritually, and physically).

This one is kind of tricky. No one is expecting perfection. But at least, you should at least be striving to meet these personal goals for yourself. Being a better person mentally, being better spiritually (this doesn't have to mean "religion," but could), and being a better person regarding your physical health and body. Even the effort is often enough to impress a man.

10. Will take great care of the kids or pets that she’ll have with you.

Many men, if not most of them would ideally like to have a family with the woman he's with. So this is a no-brainer. But having a pet once living together, is a great way to test how a woman will treat her future children, especially a dog.

11. Handles conflict she has with you or others calmly and rationally without yelling, shouting, or screaming (unabusive).

This is a woman who almost always speaks in a calm tone. Someone who doesn't pull an Amber Heard with the man she's with, threatening to cry "abuse" after abusing him. In fact, let's just say, we want a woman who isn't abusive, irrational, wild, or crazy. That should cover all bases.

12. Can hold great conversations with you.

This is more important than women realize and most women never work on this skill, at all. I'd say most women, if not humans in general, are pretty boring to converse with. A subjective opinion sure, but when's the last time a woman had you on the edge on your seat with her words? Or made you laugh out loud just talking with her? Great communication and speaking skills are something both men and women should strive to have, or improve upon, in fact.

13. Gets along with you and most of the people in your life.

This is a good one for anyone to have. You don't have to be friends with his or her friends, but you should make sure you can respect your partner's friends.

14. Is affectionate and enjoys it.

"Affectionate;" it means being caring, friendly, loving, sympathetic, warm, and devoted. Telling someone you love them or care about them is one thing. Showing someone you love them or care about them through your actions, behavior, and gestures, and not your words, is a whole other level.

15. Always helps you out when you need her to and there for you no matter what (devoted).

One of the strongest traits of a partner is being reliable, dependable, devoted, trustworthy, and honest. As a man, we have to be reliable to a woman by being strong for her, and making sure she'll always be protected, safe, and loved. As a woman, this means sticking by a man, for better or worse. Including when he loses his job and it takes 6 to 12 months for him to find another, or if his health goes south for a year or two. Being a devoted partner is one of the strongest, but hardest, things to do in a relationship.

So thank you for writing this initial post, 21 to 24 year old pink Anon, whoever you are. I'm sure some men out there appreciate that good women like you still exist.

The Fifteen Traits That Make The Ideal Female Partner For a Guy
The Fifteen Traits That Make The Ideal Female Partner For a Guy
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  • IceCreamSandwich

    This is a pretty good take and I agree on most of these they just make sense if you want a decent mature partner

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  • annabananna

    I agree this is the type of woman I’d want my son to marry one day.

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  • quaranta

    Many people would say something against this list because it brings women back to a downgraded position, but objectively I think a lot of men would see this partner as ideal for most of their needs, so there is some truth here.
    However, granted, as a woman, I would see these traits as ideal in a man, too. Anyone, of any gender, would like to have a partner who has self-care, dignity, is intelligent, funny, respectful, calm, good communication skills during conflicts, does good parenting starting from pets, is affectionate, appreciates/recognizes you, loyal, devoted, can cook/clean, show love through actions etc etc, right? I think so, because this type of person lets you basically be a d**k with a lot of tolerance and allows all of your quirks, caprices, needs, lacks, mistakes, decisions, and requires small efforts from you. Anyone in their ideal world wants an "assistant" like that.
    But it's not fair to preach about this (let alone to a gender only) like if others have to take example, because many of these traits imply that the person (woman in this case) needs to be also subordinate/submissive and with a shrinked individuality, if you want all these traits together.
    While there are people who are "naturally" raised up as subordinate to anyone who guides them, it's quite ugly to "wish" someone grows as vulnerable as that. These people (women mostly) are generally psychologically abused, in ways they can't even recognize for how absorbed they are, right because they lack the ego to recognize that and push away on time. Finding a deserveful partner is pure gamble, for them. I am sorry for my mother, for example, who belongs to an older generation and was raised like that, so she is constantly anxious about anything outside the routine, unable to stand up when needed or to take decisions with strength, neither to recognize wrong behaviours others have on her regards and would never be able to lead anything. But she owns all of the qualities in this list, to the extreme, except being intelligent. My father, like many who got a woman like her, is a psychological abuser, liar, cheater, capriceous unpredictable grown kid, so I am her "male" guide where my father fails at it but pretends to keep the guidance in this silly game of patriarchy I cringe every day at. My mother doesn't even recognize all this, smiles, hides her misery. This is a very common scenario you can find, likely, in branches of your family too.
    These are side effects that come packed with the type of ideal "assistant" listed in this thread (if these qualities have priority over others such as being ambitious, strong, wise, cultured, successful, proactive, brilliant). It's not something you wish to someone you expect to love, I guess, let alone your daughters. This list is simply nearsighted.
    On the other side, there would be a discourse to make about finding a person who actually deserves a partner like that, because this list expects the male reader to be perfect too with similar traits as her (and I bet most of the readers here are miles away from being morally compatible with such a prize).
    More realistic lessons could be written about teaching both genders the same good qualities to keep a relationship healthy for the partners and for themselves, and pointing the finger against being unable to tolerate your SO's flaws and lacks, rather than against the imperfections of a (only one) gender in a relationship. That makes the list pretty sexist and detached from the reality, quite stemming out from someone's unresolved competition against other women.
    (By the way: lesbians love women, they wouldn't marry a man in the first place, there is no need for a man to "avoid marrying them").

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    • MCheetah

      There's a LOT of assumptions and "X must equal Y" points made here that you entirely invented. This is a giant wall of pseudo intellectualism, if I ever read it.

      You're basically implying it's wrong (for men) to have standards and that having them is some form of "misogyny" or antiquated oppression against women and that a woman has to be either perfect or submissive, to have such traits. ... Which if true, says more about you than anything else. And these thoughts are true, is also ironic, because a "checklist" for the perfect partner is usually what women do towards men, especially short or unwealthy men.

      You also missed the part where I said a woman made most of this list (the link is still up there), and I merely expended upon it with detailed descriptions. And I also said that a woman doesn't have to have all or even most of these traits. It's pretty obvious that no one is perfect. But regardless, no one has to be even close to perfect to have all 15 of these traits. (Really? You think washing your ass and not being a bitch is "unobtainable perfect-woman traits that only a sexist would want?")

      Please stop trying to psychoanalyze things that aren't there, or project your personal issues and feminist assumptions onto a GAG post about what men like in women.

    • quaranta

      I didn't miss the original post, in fact I did read also all its replies and the replies to this post too. You finally found a pink avatar who gives you the permission to vent out your competition ("asking for a funny woman is too much", etc), and you did it asap.
      Your reply doesn't fight what I said, except questioning the line that being submissive is packed with having all these traits -with this priority- (if you missed that). Don't take it back now, you made a top 15 ideal traits ("THE fiftheen traits that make the IDEAL", stating how the more you have the better), and this implies priorities and a lesson. Is simply connecting dots between a person with all these traits together with its downsides some scary psychoanalisys to you?
      No, you weren't just "stating standards". The whole point of what I contest is what you "teach". Plenty of "should" and judgeful sentences against those who "aren't". You enocourage women to prioritize these traits instead of others that would value their individuality and social rank, your whole post is about "educating women" and adding your cringe frustration to it, not "statistics", but now you try to mask it as that. I did mention how these standards are objectively agreeable (for any gender) in an ideal instance and I don't contest that, but we are not talking about this (if you want to understand, of course).
      "(Really? You think washing your ass and not being a bitch is "unobtainable perfect-woman traits that only a sexist would want?")", sure... When you need to create exaggerated hyperboles that don't represent the argument, to support yours, it means it's over.
      I wish you to grow lot of these listed traits in yourself too in order to find the "unicorn", but especially to gain the position to preach about them (even with these tones). Sorry for "assuming" you don't have them, but looking at the 4 5 6 7 9 11 12 ones...

  • TommyWiseau69

    You forgot a woman that isn't a height queen and sees it as an automatic attractive defining trait

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    • MCheetah

      Very few of those women exist. (4%, if we're throwing out actual numbers.)

  • Miristheiss

    1. Agree
    2. Agree
    3. Agree
    4. Agree
    5. Agree
    6. Helpful but not a must
    7. Helpful, I'd take wisdom over intelligence
    8. Not that big of a deal. It wouldn't hurt but not a must.
    9. Agree
    10. Team effort, I don't expect her to do it all. I am very involved in my kids lives.
    11. Agree
    12. Agree
    13. Agree
    14. Agree
    15. Agree

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  • Tomcat68

    My list:
    she loves and supports me unconditionally
    she has a high level of emotional intelligence
    she takes responsibility for her own happiness and supports my pursuit of happiness
    she maintains a healthy and active lifestyle
    she is open, honest and kind natured
    she takes pride in who she is and displays a sense of confidence
    she is the person I have the deepest level of trust and respect for

    so glad I found and married her 30+ years ago:)

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  • Reaper1985

    A'men brother. might add emotionally to number 9 though. yes I know females tend to be more emotional then males in most cases. but rather she didn't let them totally control everything she does in life. helps to have a cool head and think logically once in a while.

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  • LiamS345

    My ideal fifteen traits
    1. An eye
    2. Another eye
    3. A mouth
    4. Some teeth (not necessary)
    5. Some arms (at least 1)
    6. A nose
    7. Some ears (at least 1)
    8. Some hair (texture is important. Changes how impactful the nibbling is)
    9. Fingers
    10. Some legs (preferably 3 but 2 will suffice)
    11. Small intestine (very financially valuable)
    12. A social security number (also financially valuable)
    13. Feet (FEET)
    14. Detachable fingers
    15. A neck

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  • LilyoftheLake

    I agree with almost every point - even if it IS a rather traditional view.

    The "100% straight" one, I take slight issue with. Mostly. Hmm...

    Let me think about this.

  • hahahmm

    But there's a reason why dogs are called man's best friend.

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  • CA4444

    Why is “she loves you” not part of the list? I guess you listed practical and tangible actions - like any men would do 😁 and this is very useful thank you.

    Just a word on handling conflicts and being calm, I found myself going crazy over some arguments with a man, for the first time in my life, and it was because I genuinely loved him and was literally not equipped to deal with the situation. So paradoxically an outburst CAN be a good sign in a new relationship. Not in the long-term of course and even less in platonic relationships…

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    • ronaldo75

      Love can't be measured. Today's man is looking for tangible qualities and not just some cute eyes, cleavage and a "baby i love you". Save that shit for the simps.

  • Floopa_mouse

    I suppose #2 wouldn't matter if #3 was fulfilled right? Also, a lesbian would never date a man. Overall, these are not specific to traits men want in women. In general, you obviously want a partner who cooks and cleans, is loyal, kind, helps you out, etc.

    Also lol, I'm pretty sure the average woman checks at least 8 of these boxes.

  • Guanfei

    So yes to all of them, except 8.
    I don't need a servant.
    The rest is a total big yes, but you have to give her the same.

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  • LovingLoverReturned

    Those are all reasonable traits to want.

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  • captain_voidwalker

    Ha aside from point 1 and 2 I don't think I've ever met a woman that had any of the other qualities... no wonder dating is dead in 2022

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  • 7barbieringz

    Most of these are common sense and what anyone would expect. Accept 2,8,10. Those come off more as "personal views" that means towards the idea of a perfect housewife.

    A woman shouldbe be expected to cook and clean, while working and taking care of kids alone. You'd be surprised how many women endure that and the man just sits around.

    I'd like to see your list for the ideal man for a woman as well. If u don't have one this entire thing is just one-sided and demanding of women to be "perfect" for you while u give nothing in return.

    by the way I'm not attacking u, I'm simply pointing out that men should be held to these standards as well if it's really coming from a good place, not a malicious one.

  • Mia-Wallace

    The Fifteen Traits That Make The Ideal Female Partner For a Guy - Phat Edition

    • Djaay

      Why would it be other than a guy? Makes me wonder about your lack of

  • DarkWinterNights

    Yup. This is just about right. Only thing I would add personally would to be religious. I didn’t think it was that important until recently.

  • KrakenAttackin

    The species you describe is on the endangered list.

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  • jengeorge26

    Well I think that I would never be able to do anything like that, so I’m not the perfect woman for a guy.

  • Twalli

    The only thing that I don't look for in a girl is if she was born female. If she has only female parts, she's female as far as I'm concerned.

  • peedy

    You forgot understanding, patient, and likes your dogs

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