Can I get my ex back or is he gone for good?

Ok so we were together 4 months and we got on so well and fell quite hard recently there has been a few arguments mainly things I have done he doesn't like which never really bothered him before I just think he likes his girl to act a certain way

So he finished it and said he thinks it's for the best and he's sorry, this was 3 weeks ago.

I have been the one to reach out to him a few times I called him once n we spoke and laughed and he said he thinks I am a wicked person I told him I missed him he said he misses me too nothing came of it and in have text him a few times I told him I missed him he replied with you don't miss me but we had a polite conversation which was ended by him I text again last weekend asking how he was he said I am ok you I said I was ok and I missed him he just said heather I miss you too but it's one of them things and it was left at that

Now I don't want to contact him anymore as I feel like when I do the pain comes back so I have decided to go into nc... Do you think he will come to his senses with us? He's quite stubborn just don't want us to end that's all he's
All I can think about :(
Can I get my ex back or is he gone for good?
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