Me and ex boyfriend broke up a week ago..

We had an argument over something silly and we both then went to the same party that night as it was a joint one for 2 friends, (one of mine and one of his). We both got really drunk and he made an idiot of himself and continued to drink and I left and went home as my friends were leaving too. I text him the most ridiculous texts, harsh texts and threatening him and saying how much I loved him that night (they had gone clubbing) and was just a general idiot. I don't really know why I did it but I am regretting it no end. I miss him so much and he said what I had said to him had just topped it off. I wrote him a letter just saying I was sorry, iv had a really good 10 months with him and hope everything works out for him and when he got it, he text me saying it made him cry.

This other guy from work (we work in same place) asked me out and I text him saying did he care? and he said 'you can do what you want, we're not together' and I said 'no, I asked if you care' and he didn't reply. I don't know what he's thinking and I really don't know what to do. I have looked at my behavior and what I should have done and am 100% sure it won't happen again. I don't know what else to do to get him back! He's told me to move on (this was the day after the event) but maybe this was just through anger?

We had been together for 10 months this thursday and he has told me I was the love of his life and we were planning to start looking for a place of our own. I think he was generally happy in our relationship until the event that night. He is 25, I am 19.

and he also said he doesn't want to forgive me a couple of days after the event. Then last night I text him saying 'do you really not love me?' and he didn't text back which is an improvement as he would of previously text me saying NO. I saw him at work also and he smiled at me but didn't say anything.. help?
Me and ex boyfriend broke up a week ago..
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