Why does my boyfriend have this anxious/sick feeling?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 and a half months. We love each other, but every so often he (out of the blue) gets this sick/anxious feeling in his stomach about or relationship and future. He can't really explain to anybody what brings it on, or why it is caused. He says it is because he is so scared to lose me (he has a tendency to over analyze things and worry about what could happen in the future, whether it be good or bad). We've promised each other that well always be friends, no matter what (yes, I know, that doesn't always work out) I don't get this sick/anxious feeling at all, that's what makes it so hard. We've decided to take a break so he can figure stuff out, but I still wish I could understand why this is happening. He's told me that the thought of dating other girls besides me makes him sick, and he's not ready to give up on our relationship.

Its just hard because I constantly tell him how much I love him and how happy he makes me, but it never seems to help the feeling he has. Neither of us have been in a relationship that's lasted this long, so could it possibly be that he is just scared to commit long term (maybe he thinks he's missing out on experiences and other girls?) but at the same time loves me to much to let me go?


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  • One possibility is that his problem has nothing to do with your relationship.

    Sometimes, people get physically sick, but don't understand exactly what's happening to them because the symptoms are unusual. So they freak out a little, and it creates a horrible cycle: their anxiety makes them worry, and the worry leads to worse symptoms, which leads to more anxiety.

    Happened to me a few years ago. For a month, I thought I was having panic attacks: seemingly out of nowhere I'd get dizzy, my chest got tight. It was terrible. But it turned out that I had an inner ear disorder that messed with my balance. My doctor said it's very common for people to spend a lot of money on therapists and counseling in situations like mine.

    Your boyfriend might want to visit a doctor for a full physical exam, blood and urine tests, and so on. They might discover any number of problems that could lead to symptoms like you describe.

    • That is a good suggestion. Thanks for the response, I appreciate it! :)

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  • I think it sounds like he's in love. Love can make you feel pretty weird at times.