Is it weird for a guy who wants to date you to talk about his ex?

(Sorry be prepared coz this is long) A guy I worked with for about a year asked me out once he got promoted. He said “I’ve wanted to ask you out for so long. You make me nervous and I really like you.” I told him that I did not know him that well but I am willing to give him a chance to hang out sometime get to know each other. So he took me out for lunch while I was at work on my break and told me afterwards that he had a good time. This continued on for a couple more weeks where he went along running errands with me, went to the movies etc. However, he rang me the other day and got into some real deep conversations. I have only known him properly for a couple of weeks and we’re not even dating and he rings at 8 tells me he misses me then tells me he’s done a lot of crazy shit in high school. He tells me about his exes and the things he has done with them (sexually), he kept banging on about how experienced he was then he described how good hugging me was. He then talked about how his ex is a slut and that he hates her. He’s 20 and talks about his ex like that, what the hell.
I’m like dude settle down we’re not even dating yet. For a Gemini, he’s certainly not light in conversation.

I’m thinking he wants to get in my pants or has some real issues with his ex and is not over her. What do you think? Why would a guy tell me all that?

To talk about her like that makes me not want to date him as that could potentially happen with me. He’s actually playing the victim where nothing he did in that relationship was his fault it was all hers. If we were to have a fight and he spoke about me like that, I would consider it to be very immature of him not being able to handle his conflicts in a constructive way. To top it off, he told me he got kicked out of school for violence. I’m like great… you don’t sound that nice to me.
He claims he is a nice guy that he is literate and all this yet he can’t even spell in text.
What does he want from me?
Is it weird for a guy who wants to date you to talk about his ex?
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