GUYS: Do guys ever regret breaking up with a girl?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me a few months ago... Just wondering if guys ever regret it. He claimed it was because he didn't have time for a relationship (he was super busy) so we didn't end on a bad note. Anyways, after we broke up, I became cheerleading captain, prom queen, and valedictorian. Do you think he'll regret leaving me when I've accomplished these things? We still talk sometimes; very light conversations, always pleasant. I feel like though, he seems to bring me up in random conversations with his friends for no reason. Like the other day, he told a mutual friend of ours (we will call the mutual friend M), my ex told M that if M did a certain something (for a dare), that I would kiss a girl. It didn't make any sense lol and I wouldn't randomly kiss someone--plus I'm straight. But I heard that he's talking to this other girl... what do you guys think? Have you ever regretted breaking up with your girlfriend?
GUYS: Do guys ever regret breaking up with a girl?
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