Do emotionally abusive guys treat all women the same? My ex has a new girl he seems to treat better, so he says.

I feel like a piece of crap. My ex used to call me names: stupid, whore, hood rat. I'm not any of these things. He called me "stupid" every time I asked him something. I broke up with HIM, but we remained "friends". Well, he fell in love with another chick just a few months after the break-up. They have been together for a few months and he already wants to marry her. He just used my friendship until he found her and then ignored me--didn't even tell me he had a girlfriend. He said that she didn't want him to talk to me but he talks to me anyways because he cares. He says I'm not a really good person, just a decent person...WTF? I never did anything to him but stand up for myself to him. So, evidently, his new relationship is perfect and she's perfect and everything is going great. I wonder if he treats her better than me Maybe she changed him. I just feel like a piece of crap. I don't think that he was ever in love with me. He just used me for affection and attention that I gave. Now I feel like she is better than me. She just came in and took his attention, time and love. He's so cold blooded that he won't let me get closure by talking to me. He denies being emotionally abusive and going to the club and getting numbers. He says I'm the bad one. This crap has really f***ed with my head. I thought that he would change for me and come back to me. I wonder if everything is as great as he says. I wonder if he's really in love. It's not fair. I don't wish badness on anyone, but I hope that oned day he will receive the heartless cruel treatment that he gave to me. I just want to get over this depression and never talk to him again. I wondered if he might still love me, if he ver did, or if we might have a chance in the future. But I just f***ing hate him. I know it's stupid and irrational to blame myself for him calling me names do I don't know why the hell I do it!

Is he just manipulating me once again to make me think that I'm total crap? and that I'm not a good enough woman? He wants me to think that I missed out and left a really great man and it's messing with my head. I hate his black ass and I just want to be free from still loving him...


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  • Not unless he met his match and she abuses him more.

  • im 100% sure you can find someone

    a thousand times better than him

    • I'm sure. I just want him to suffer, not just go to the next person and be happy.

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    • I know it doesn't sound nice but if you worry about trying to get back at him or w/e you won't worry about you. you just gotta keep doing what you do

      what goes around comes around... and I really didn't wanna say that but that's how it is

    • Yeah that's the truth

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