If you could only pick one from these 5 options, what kind of romantic/sexual relationship (s) would you most want to have and why?

I was just curious about what kind of lifestyle wrt relationship (s) you'd most want to have over the course of your life. I've thought of 5 options.

1. +20 years. A lifelong monogamous relationship (to the right person obviously). This does not necessarily mean marriage or kids (though it can if you want it to). The initial excitement won't be there after 20 years obviously and you will have arguments that you will have to get past. But this provides the most amount of support and emotional connection to each other. If you get sick or injured, the other will stay with you (and you will have to do the same). You will be committed to making it work as will the other person. Both of you will want to make the other happy.

2. 5-15 years. You will have a very long term relationship but will separate after a while. I can only imagine people picking this because it'll allow them to raise kids and then leave each other for something else. This seems a weird option but it does happen a lot so I included it.

3. 6 mnths-2 years. Serial monogamy. You have relationships for that emotional high of love/infatuation. It won't be any kind of life partner though. If you move/become pregnant/have an accident, the other person won't stay with you. You will break up when serious issues arise or when the magic fades.

4. <2 months. Purely sex. No emotional connection or long term commitment/support. You get lots of sexual partners but no serious relationships and you will have to chase/seduce every partner. If you lose money or become less attractive, the others won't stick around. You get excitement and freedom but less stability.

5. No relationship at all. (There'll be a few who'll pick this).

Tl;dr: if you had to choose, what lifestyle would you most want to have wrt relationships. The more short term it is, the more excitement but less stability. The more long term it is, the more stability and support but your options will be restricted a little more.
+ 20 year monogamous relationship with one person (who you do love).
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5-15 years. A few long term relationships but you'll grow apart and you or them will leave for a change. Will result in your family being broken up (custody issues, divorce etc.)
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6 months-2 years. Multiple romantic relationships with no serious committments.
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<2 month relationships. Purely sexual. Lots of partners but NO commitments.
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None. I'm taking/I've taken a vow of celibacy. Its too much effort/All men are pigs/All women are evil.
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+1 y
Wow, I was sure there'd be a few who'd go for D and C. So far everyone's voted for A.

Are we really being honest? ;)
If you could only pick one from these 5 options, what kind of romantic/sexual relationship (s) would you most want to have and why?
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