Force A Second Date?

Alright, recently, I went on a date with a guy from a temp agency who started working at the place where I am employed. We just got coffee, and I expected we were going to talk and get to know each other. The whole time though, he gave me a detailed synopsis of all of his tragic experiences, didn't let me speak, and seemed disinterested when I got a word in. Yet, even having known nothing about me, he claimed I was amazing and how optimistic he was in seeing us go further. He started pressuring me for a second date over the course of a month, and in that time I realized how unattractive he was to me (personality wise).

I didn't want to text him, so I told him to his face that I didn't see this going anywhere, and that I genuinely wasn't feeling the same way he felt about me. He kept pushing me and pushing me to go on a second date with him, claiming I "didn't give us enough of a chance." He ended up getting fired later for unrelated reasons.

I never went out with him again. But recently, someone brought up how he apparently misses me. I know I'm not interested, but I am curious to get a second opinion: if you're not feeling someone, should you go on a second date anyways to be sure? Or should you trust your gut?
Force A Second Date?
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