Why is this girl doing this to me? What are her intentions?

I haven't talked to this girl in over a month and two weeks ago she texted me. I've been her friend since last October.
Her: You crossed my mind a lot
Me: I thought about you a lot too
Her I took my medication and it makes me so snuggly. Hold me
Me: Okay :) I'd cuddle with you if I was there
Her awwwww :) <3<3
I'd be honored to cuddle with your grumpy a$$ <3
To be honest I was just talking to my friend about how i want to meet a guy with hair longer than mine who is just as grumpy as me. And then i was like, oh wait that's Rory.
Me: We should do something this weekend or something if your not working.
Her: I work on Friday and Sunday i think
Me: Saturday
Her: If i'm free i'll let ya know (kissing face emoticon)
On Friday night i went to the mall and visited her and talked to her for a while. I told her i missed her and she said she missed me too. Her coworker was starting and giggling
She texted me after work:
Her: I'm lonelyyy
Me: So am I Lets cuddle and look at gore photos lol
Her: sounds romantic
Me: I know right haha
In other conversations we have she calls me dude a lot. I asked to hang out tomorrow and she said "I'll let you know :)"
This was a week and the conversations became much less flirty and she started calling me dude and man again. We never hanged out on Saturday and when i asked to hang out after work on Sunday she instead went and got drunk with her other friends. She texted me the whole night until 3 in the morning and when i sent a text saying "Your still up?" she replied at 7 in the morning saying "no". She didn't text me again until 1 in the afternoon the next day and said "I was awake actually but" I said "but what?" and then she said "nothing lol". I asked her to hang out that day to but we didn't. On Tuesday she went hiking with her friend robert on a hiking trail five minutes from my house. I texted her until 12 at night and she never texted me Wednesday.
+1 y
We haven't hanged out since August and she hasn't texted me since Friday
Why is this girl doing this to me? What are her intentions?
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