Husband and split after we found out we're (I'm) pregnant with our 2nd child, what do I do?

I want to start this off by saying that my husband isn't a bad guy. He had actually helped me get out of a domestic violence relationship prior to our relationship. We gotten married that year and I had gotten pregnant with our first child. everything was great for a while. He had quit his job so I took on two jobs until he had gotten back on his feet. during this time his parents were convincing him i was cheating because i worked all the time. (he had all my paystubs to prove i was at work when i said i was, plus his parents put up cameras around our house to see when i was coming and going and i even had them right down the miles on our truck to prove i wasn't going anywere but home and work. his father even followed me a few times). anyway shortly after we found out i was pregnant again with our second child. His parents were convinced i was pregnant by another man, and my husband left. a few months passed and we tried working things out, and he begged me to come back home, until I found out i may have cancer. His reply was "dont come home if you have cancer. I can't help care for you." I know this may be a stupid question and im sorry for it, but my husband wants me to come back home again before the babys born. should i do it? or am i just walking back into the same B. S with him and his parents? again sorry for this being so long
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I forgot to put that, i helped him out (because he still wasn't working at the time) and i gave him over half our tax returns (over 7 grand). His parents took the parts off my car (which wasn't running at the time) and i had to pay their $300 electric bill before they'd allow me to take my car, i had to buy his parents groceries when i was trying to be fair about "parenting time" because they kept my son (who was only 3 months) from me for almost 2 months. so, it was all mainly his parents.
Husband and split after we found out we're (I'm) pregnant with our 2nd child, what do I do?
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