Does what girls find attractive change as they get older?

This is been on my mind, so here goes:

Over the past 5 years (I'm 23), most of my romantic interactions with girls have involved me developing feeling because we can be serious, be funny, and care for each other. What happens is my feelings are not reciprocated, even though we remain good friends. Most girls say "you're a great guy, but you're not my type/i'm looking for something else."

This does not stop the fact that most of these girls spend more time having serious/funny/casual talks with me than other guys, even guys that they DO date. I've taken multiple girls with me out on the city, or we've just done cool stuff like museum visits or bike rides, ice skating, whatever. It seems like I'm very emotionally attractive to girls, but not... romantically/sexually.

Developing feelings for girls who retain me as a "good friend" while they date other guys is beginning to... I don't know it feels draining like it hasn't before.

I'm not too tall, but I'm sociable, have a good circle of friends, well dressed, i'm in reasonably good shape, and I have varied interests, which I'd say are all good things. I'm about to graduate in engineering, and this time next year the least money I'll be making is upwards of $50,000 a year. I'm ambitious in this field, and I love it.

All of these qualities do not seem to result in... ATTRACTION from girls my age. Which in and of itself, would not be troubling - except that these same girls will relegate me as a good friend. The guys that get picked over me frankly wouldn't be as well rounded as me. Though they might be louder at the bar, or taller. I get it.

I'm starting to think... what I have as qualities girls don't want. Not now anyway.

I just want some feedback, especially from any women/men over 25 - do girls ever change their considerations for what they like in a guy? If connecting to someone on an emotional level was attractive, I'd be great. But somehow I'm not even worth dating. It hurts
Does what girls find attractive change as they get older?
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