Can't get over 6 years of friendship? In love?

Pls help me bc i dont know what to do :( So i have been friends with a guy since we were a 7 graders..and now we're a 12 graders. It's so complicated lol. At 7 grade, his best friend liked me and he helped him to get me something on valentine or saying things to me. HE HELPED HIM. but i rejected his best friend, bc i didn't like him :\ at 8 grade, my friends told me that i should be with him (MY best friend) bc we were match (they said) i like him as a best friend but i didn't really want to be w him :\ So, there was a girl who fell in love with him, and she wanted to give everything to him. She brought chocolate for him everyday bc he loves chocolate....but he shared the chocolate with me bc he knew how much i love it hahaha. at 9 grade, i thought we'll go to different high school..turned out we go to the same school. so, we're close till now. But sad thing is, when we were in junior high school, he told to his friends that "i won't ever be with my bestfriend" I heard it:( haha
well, I could finally say that im in love with him. Is that wrong? i feel like I knew him better than anyone else. And i dont know why i like to see his smile (you can't blame me). I love this guy. I doooo love him so much. Well, he sometimes shows that he loves me too (Idk. he shows affection to me), but sometimes he doesn't, bc when he is gathering with his friends they always talk that someone is beautiful or that girl has really nice boobs. shitttttt he is confusing. in 4 more days, we'll finish our high school. and should i tell him? orrrrr let everything go bc we'll never meet again, bc we will go to different universities. Do u think he likes me too? orrrrrrrrrrr?
Sorrrrry for the bad grammars. I can't really type properly haha<3
Can't get over 6 years of friendship? In love?
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