Is saying "love ya" less meaningful then I love you?

My boyfriend told me he loved me first, we had been together for 4 months, its only been a few weeks since and now he says love ya. I know he loves me, but it just seems so much more impersonal. He rarely says it to me either, actually only has 2 times since the first time he says it. But he doesn't say it through text before bed, but as I said he says love ya. Is it maybe because he just isn't all the comfortable yet? If it makes a difference, we are both 27 :)

I meant he DOES says it in text before he goes to bed. He has only said it in person a few times since the first time he said it to me. :)


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  • hey. great thing that he said it first. and ya and you are pretty much the same thing. do you know what is important? that he doesn't fing that word around willy nilly. cause when a guy uses it sparingly, when he does say it, you know that it is meant to mean what it is meant to mean. he loves you accept that. don't analyse these little details cause it is just gunna screw your head in.

    i doubt you'd rather his saying it every single waking moment, as it'd just become semi meaningless. I respect your bf, cause he is a smart cookie that means what he says.

    and well ... think 'love' pretty much displaces yoru doubt on the word 'ya'!

    lucky woman. enjoy it cause it is right there and it is real.

  • haha, yeh. well still the same. cause I don't consider texts of the same value as face to face. it is different when the person is infront of you and saying it. so when he does. he means it.

    • Ya, its not the same at all.. I updated that before I saw your answer though. But you do make a good point, he said it first.. I had to hold my self back for so long lol. He said it shortly after he carried my(not his) 1 year old daughter down stairs to me covered in throw up, all over him and her lol.. I knew he ment it after that! I just feel like love ya is impersonal, but he did say it first, I'm just being a girl I suppose :)

    • Haha, I know what you mean. I used to thinka botu every single little detail, so much that I missed the big picture :P he loves ya!!! remember that. and that is all that you need! :)