Guys, my boyfriend says I suffocate him?

This is a question I'm sure gets tossed around a lot. My bf and I have been together for 9 months or so, we actually started dating about a year ago tho.

Anyways, he has brought up multiple times that we spend to much together. When I want to give him space because I too feel that we need our space, he invites me over for dinner and I end up spending the night.

Recently we've been practically living together. I spend the night there more often then I do at my own place. But I feel that I get my alone time when I go to work and times in between job and such. In my mind, after work I want to see my family for a bit and them spend the rest of my free time with him. But he works from home so he doesn't get a lot of "outside" time. His free time is spent with his dog and me. Family and friends are rarely around.

Because this is a recurring issue, he doesn't know what else to do but for us to break up. He has tried as well but I managed to talk him into staying together. I understand thats needy of me. Which is why now, I want to do things right.

I've asked him if he really wants to break up in which I got a long pause and he respond that he doesn't know what else there is to do. I told him we needed real time apart. he agreed and we left it at that. This was a phone conversation.

I dont know if we need a schedule for each other or maybe start from the beginning again with slowly dating and figuring out why we wanted to be together from the start?

I wanted us to eventually really move in together (by Fall semester) but clearly we aren't ready for that so any advice on how to rekindle our relationship? How to give him the space he needs without going for days not talking? I feel that if we do that then we might as well break up.
Guys, my boyfriend says I suffocate him?
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