Is this cheating?

i talk to a couple of guys on the internet, i met them on gag and we're friends. they compliment me a lot on my appareance and stuff and they're trying to hit on me i think, but i never say anything about me liking them and i don't like them, we've never met each other, but i keep talking to them cause they're friends and give great advices. i feel bad sometimes, my boyfriend doesn't know. is it cheating?
yeah, stop it
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no, it's fine. anyone can have friends.
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it's not cheating but maybe you could tell your boyfriend about it so that you'll feel better
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it's not cheating but you should stop talking to them, it's unfair to your boyfriend
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please motivate if you can
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besides this story. is being on gag without your boyfriend knowing it a bad thing? i've mentioned it once that i was on this site where people asked for advices and stuff but i don't think he really knows i have a profile or something. he was uninterested and i haven't told him anything more about it ever since.
Is this cheating?
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