How do I move on from my friend online?

So usually I dont trust people online, but I became friends with this one guy online and I had a deeper connection with him than anyone else. We both love God and having a friendship with someone who also had a relationship with God was a different and an amazing experience for me. We both helped each other, and it felt so nice just freely talking to someone about my feelings.
I feel like he was the first person I actually opened up to. Basically in the end, he told me that being onnline makes him do sins that he tried to stop for years. He said that it's been bothering him and because he wants to have a closer relationship with God, he needs to no longer be online. He went to the extent where he even gave his phone away just so he wouldn't sin. I felt so many emotions at that moment.
I felt deeply saddened because he was the one true guy who I had real feelings for and saying goodbye was hard. On another hand, his caurage made me inspired, and I understood and accepted that we no longer could speak (since he gave his phone away) because of God. Though I was confused why my one true friendship had to end, at the same time I felt like God wanted this to happen so I became more accepting. And when he signed off, something in me changed and I was no longer afraid of expressing my love for God.
I was hurt, but at the same time, my friend's seperation braught me closer to God. But I still remember my friend, and I miss him a lot. Having a relationship with someone where we both have a relationship with our true love and we communicate about God was the most amazing experience, espacially because of the person he was. He knew I wasn't perfect and I knew he wasn't perfect and we helped one another become bigger people without judging. When I would go to christianchatrooms, I'd realize that many were judgmental and they didn't try to understand people who were different. Whereas this friend of mine was real and our connection felt more real than the connection I have physically. I desperatly want to message him and tell him how much I miss him, but at the same time I can't because I feel like it was God's decision that we should be seperated and if our seperation is what makes him sin less, than I would never message him. And I didn't nor would I ever, but I miss him desperatly and I feel like I would never find someone with the same connection I had with him.
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I even deleted our conversations just so it would hurt less
How do I move on from my friend online?
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