Am I a horrible person?

Okay. A few years back I had this guy friend. Long story short - we were friends, started flirting, I fell in love with him, he tried to get me to sleep with him, but I freaked out. I ended up telling him that I am in love with him and he said that he has a girlfriend, so he cannot do anything about it. We don't speak that often since than. The problem is that I really think that he is a great guy. He is cute, smart, good friend and I love just about everything about him.

Now, few years later, we are still friends, but we don't talk that often, I have a great boyfriend, I wouldn't change him for anyone, because I love him very much. But sometimes I'm wishing to go back in time and I keep wondering what it would be like if we ended up together. Am I a horrible person for having a crush on this first guy when I'm in a relationship?
What can I do to stop feeling this way? Any thoughts?
Am I a horrible person?
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