Guys, will you end a long distant relationship?

you and your girlfriend haven't met for half a year now.. because she went to study in another country. and now after seeing her in the summer, you two will be apart again for at least another year.

You and your girlfriend have been together for 2 years now, you were friends first and then slowly became together, and you put her pic on facebook too. she is okay looking but you love her character and you have a lot in common. But now she gained some weight too, unfrotunately.

You know you can find better one after ending this relationship, because you know some girls around you appear interested

Suppose you were in this case, will you end this long distant relationship with her?
I will end the long distant relationship with her
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I will gradually ignore her and let her end up the relationship
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I willl still keep this relationship
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Guys, will you end a long distant relationship?
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