Would you be offended if your boyfriend had a racial preference?

Just to clarify, I find my girlfriend very attractive physically and mentally. I constnatly remind her of this whether she likes it or not because I adore her. However I do have racial preferences. These preferences aren't set in stone (like I don't only go after certain races). I find many attractive women in all races including her. As a matter of fact, I've never dated a girl of the race that is my "favorite." My preferences rests in the fact that within my "favorite" race, I typically find that they have a higher perecentage of physically attractive women and their features tend to usually be more soft and feminine. This preference is purely physical attraction and is not fueled by social norms or stereotypes. However, every human is different whether it be interracially or intraracially which means that some are pretty and some are not. I can easily find a black girl who is more attractive than a white girl or a white girl who is more attractive than an Asian girl. The problem is that she feels "inadequate" and she feels as though me dating her is a downgrade of what I can potentially have simply because she doesn't fall within my "racial preference". I explained to her on numerous occasions how the preference works and that the race itself isn't the deciding factor. I wouldn't immediately become more attracted to her just because of her ethnicity. It's the individual girl and how beautiful she is. And before anyone decides to judge me, obviously personality and emotional compatibility is the most important thing which she is already 100% aware of. She knows how I feel about her and she knows how attracted I am to her both physically and mentally. DO you feel that she should be upset with me over this? Please explain your votes.

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Would you be offended if your boyfriend had a racial preference?
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