Girls, am I the one who is wrong?

I made a joke about cheating and my girlfriend got really offended. She treated me like shit for the next 3 days even though she knew i was joking. So i told her she is taking this too far and she has to grow up because treating me like shit for 3 days.

So she went and told her family and and her entire family started treating me like shit and treating me like an animal for the next 3 days. Her mom was treating me the worst out of all of them.

I got angry and swore at her mom for treating me like shit a lot more than the rest of them and now my girlfriend has broken up with me.

Am I the one who is wrong?
Yes you are the one who is wrong
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You are wrong but she is wrong to break up with you
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No you are not the one who is wrong
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+1 y
If you think i am wrong and she was right to break up with me, you are deluded because you obviously think it is perfectly fine for her to overreact and treat me like shit because of a fucking joke
Girls, am I the one who is wrong?
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