Does anyone else find not adding each other on social media okay?

It seems to me that the instant you find out a couple doesn't have each other on facebook, instagram, etc, then they're not really into each other and shouldn't trust each other.

Well to me honestly, I find that extremely annoying because there are some people who do NOT prioritize social media, therefore, its not the first thing the couple thinks to do when they're together. You can tell who are the ones who find it a big deal and those are the ones who post a couple of selfies a day, take their captions really seriously, always on it, and yeah etc. I mean to each their own but I don't know how couples can post pics of themselves online kissing, doing this doing that so many times and letting others know what they're doing. It can either be they have trustworthy followers and secure with themselves to do so (but not constantly) or they're simply showing off to secure themselves.

I've never added my bfs on facebook and made it "official" online. Im also a really private person and whats precious to me I try to take good care of so that means being protective of it. So I never found it confortable to post my relationship online especially my current relationship. He is so precious to me and we have in person, not online, is special to me every minute of it and I dont find the need to post it online or on my phone. I have like one pics of us on Insta just so um people know I am taken and proud of it but that doesn't mean Imma post amounts of us. Anywho the point is, it is not a big deal if couples don't use social media to display their relationship, it doesn't mean anything. And also to each their own.
Does anyone else find not adding each other on social media okay?
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