Girls, Did they take things too far? I know what I did was wrong?

Me and my girlfriend got into an argument because i made a joke about cheating (just a joke i was trying to tease her) so she treated me like shit for several days. Then we got into another argument. Because of this, her mom start treating me like shit. So me and her mom got into an argument and i swore at her.

I know what i did was wrong and I regret it so i don't need to be told that what i did was wrong.

This is what my girlfriend and her family have been doing:
-They are giving me the silent treatment

-They are emotionally abusing me by critisizing me all the time and taunting me. They are always giving me dirty looks and then laughing when i cry

-They intentionally make life difficult for me by making day to day functions a million times more difficult for me. They sometimes take my wallet and my phone and hide them.

-Her dad is using excessive force on me all the time. Whenever i try to defend myself, he grabs me and restrains me and pulls me around the house. When i tried to break free, he would use even more force. He has done this over 10 times

Have they taken it too far?
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+1 y
She called my friends and my family and turned them all against
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Please answer the question its so damn easy
Girls, Did they take things too far? I know what I did was wrong?
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