My boyfriend and I are not speaking... What now?

So... my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight, primarily over him not compromising on where and what we were going to be doing for the weekend. Long story short, the argument could have been resolvable but then he lashed out and made a comment about my kids being bad... in anger I hung up the phone. 2 hours later, he texts me an apology, but I haven't responded to him since. I felt his comment was immature and irrelevent to what was going on between two adults. It made me feel as though the new man in my life just summed up everything he actually felt about my children. At this point, I'm still pissed and feeling that this whole thing between me and him was a huge mistake, especially me bringing him around my children. This would have not been the first time me, him and my children have done something as a family. I was truly offended and I felt he was super immature about the whole ordeal. I've considered breaking-up because my children and I come as a package deal. I understand people become frustrated and angry at times and say things they may not mean. But, I felt I had to draw the line on that comment. We still haven't spoken and at work we haven't spoken. I'm not giving the silent treatment, but I need him to understand certain things are a no-go for me, my children being one of them. I'm still very angry that he came out his face the way he did. I would have more appreciated and would have been more forgiving to a a phone call apology. What now? I'm just wondering what is going through his mind. Nobody is saying anything...
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My boyfriend and I are not speaking... What now?
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