Fashion trends guys don't like?

I read in a newspaper that guys don't like e.g. black nails, high waisted pants, giant sunglasses, Monroe piercing (piercing above lips, to the left/right), and high, waist belts. It was quite surprising to read. Is that true? What else do you hate? And why?

Being a girl I can't figure out what is wrong with e.g. giant sunglasses:P

ps. sorry for my grammar - not native English speaker.

thanks for any replies!


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  • Giant sunglasses - they look retarded & immature, and hide most of your face, which guys want to see.

    Monroe piercings - didn't like the mole on Marilyn, and I don't like the piercing that tries to emulate it.

    Skinny jeans - hate them. Men like curves and want to see that your legs have some shape to them, but skinny jeans make your legs look like sticks.

    Waist belts - no opinion, but the concept seems retarded since they're not holding up your pants. Why are they even there?

    High heels - I could never ever understand the complete and total retardedness behind this concept. You give up the ability to run (if needed) because you think you look elegant? WTF.

    Giant earrings - they just make you look like ghetto trash.

    Fake nails - more ghetto trash.

    Any piercings other than ears.

    • I agree withvup untill you got to the fake nails I get a French tip and it look natural and I find them classy not ghetto.

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  • Guys are pretty much fashion-oblivious (unless they're gay).

    But we generally don't like outlandish fashions.

    But, as we get older we look at the product, not the packaging.


  • (Note: the news paper is a generalization, not all guys feel that way, however) this stuff is true for me, most of that stuff I do not like. My reason? I don't like the Hollywood fashion girl, desperate for attention, trying to look rich wearing expensive clothes.

    Any of this "fashion" stuff doesn't appeal to me. Give me a girl in a t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans and smile and I'm happy.

  • By no means is my opinion the official one, but here goes.

    Black nails: looks goth, not appealing

    High waisted pants: looks like Steve Urkel, not appealing

    High waisted belt: same thing

    Giant sunglasses: ridiculous and oversized, that'd be like me wearing a shirt that's an 6XL

    Piercing: I personally don't like any piercings that aren't on the earlobes (and even then, I'm picky). Piercings have a habit of getting in the way of skin contact or just looking bad.

  • I don't like all of them.

    Black nails - looks like you got dead nails.

    High waist pants - Grandma pants.

    High waist belt - same category as high waist pants.

    Giant sunglasses - Looks ridiculous and covers up your face.

    Monroe piercing - why would you want to put holes in your face!

    Almost all the "latest fashions" I don't like.

    link <- What she is wearing on the right is far more appealing then that "fashion" trend on the left.

    • Really? that's so weird! I would pick the left fashion! xD

      it's so funny how boys and girls think so differently!

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    • If I'm not mistaken, I think the girl on the right is wearing high waisted pants. so obviously there's an exception?

    • No she not. High waist pants - >

      Of course I am willing to coincided that one day I might come across someone who wears high - waist pants well...

  • Big sunglasses indoors. I can't stand that

    Piercings all over the place. On the ears is fine, anywhere else, not so much...

    Tattoos of things like dolphins or butterflies etc...It looks ok now, but try explaining the tattoo of the teradactyl on your arm to your grandson when your older

    Wait belts are beyond stupid...

  • well I think that big sunglasses make girls look like beetles or something... but some can pull it off, can't think of anyone now though

    alot of guys I know don't think ugz are very attractive, but I personally like them.

    black nail polish...? I thought only emo guys wore that?

    that piercing thing is kinda weird I like nose piercings better though

    high waist thing is alright depending on the body type

    so really if your hot you can probably pull some of these off, but if not then best to keep away

    also depends on the guy

  • I don't find anything wrong with any of those except maybe the giant sunglasses would seem kind of awkward lol.

  • i have no problem with black nails, those bigass glasses are ok... nothing special, high waisted pants and high waist belts are pretty stupid.

    i also hate those fancy rainboots, uggs, those maternity gown looking dresses that girls wore for a while... I'm sure there are others but that's all I can think of...

    i can't stress enough how stupid those high waist belts are though...

    • I hate the way those rainboots look too, but you really have no idea how practical they are!

    • Maybe so, I personally haven't worn rain boots since I was 5 years old though...

  • Trends I dislike: Giant earrings, giant sunglasses, giant purses, any piercings other than ears, fake nails, fake breasts.

  • don't like:

    black nails

    high waisted pants

    giant sunglasses

    high waisted belts

    So yes, what you read sounds correct to me. :)

  • Too much makeup, really long nails, flashy clothing, humongous purses, and really skinny jeans.

  • i like the giant sunglasses, don't mind the waist belts, not a fan of skinny jeans though

    • Thanks for the insight;) why no skinny jeans? I thought guys like 'em 'cos it compliments girl's shape.

    • No it robs her of her shape. Takes away her curves and makes her shapely legs look like sticks.

    • Exactly. they can make the prettiest girl unattractive to me

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  • My boyfriend hates uggs, skinny jeans, overly patterned stuff, plaid scarfs and those cardigans that are really long in the front and get shorter in the back.

    Boys are very simple, they don't care about what you're wearing as long as you show a little leg and some clevage sometimes.

  • i love my big sunglasses. maybe cause I have a long face and don't really look good in regular sunglasses. high waisted pants only if your curvy. I like the monroe piercing but I have the same thing. High waisted belts are cute if you wear a simple dress and want to show of your tiny waist. Reading what the guys had to say surprised my mind I didn't think they were ghetto and liked ghetto girls. They didn't change my mind because tomorrow driving to work I will have on my overlysized sunglasses while wearing some skinny jeans :)

  • I would be sad if I couldn't wear my OPI or Chanel dark polishes. That's part of what I like about winter!

  • i love highh waisted belts! they excentuate my waist. lol and skinnys are okay sometimes. you have to find the right ones. but I prefer boot cut. but that other stuff I live without. I stick to chucks (converses) jeans, and casual shirts. I don't dig all fashion trends. just the ones I know I look good in. and I love those long in front short in back cardigans! lol

  • I love my skinny jeans there hot next to diamonds there my best friend the show your curves and make you look skinny duh but I hated the hot topic tutus with high top sneeks not cool.

  • For whatever reason girls do a lot of things that guys think are ugly just because other girls are doing it. Most of us are sheep trend followers even when we think we are being trendy.

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