Why is the past so important to him?

My boyfriend or ex, I'm not sure yet, gives so much importance to my past! Why? Because he knows a guy who used to be my "friend with benefits" (although we mostly made out, and I only gave him half a bj ONCE), and some guys I had crushes on. As I said, this is the past, which means it happened before I was with him, hell, before I even met him! Oh, and I lost my virginity to him. So my past is tame.

In the beginning of the relationship, before he started asking about my past, he was the sweetest guy ever and made me feel like I was the most perfect creature to walk on Earth! But after he started asking and I started telling him stuff, he started treating me completely different. Yet he stays. Why? Why doesn't he just end it?

I love him, and I know very little about his past. He says the difference is that I don't personally know the girls that he was with. However most of the time he's awesome.

But last night for instance, he got upset because he found a blog comment from like 4 years ago that I had left on his brother's blog. Back then, I didn't know his brother, I knew who he was, but didn't know him in person or anything. He had asked me if I knew his brother from "those days" and I had told him that I knew who he was but that we didn't talk or anything. Now with that comment (which I had forgotten I had ever posted! It was along the lines of "Cool blog!"), he thought I had lied and that I did know his brother, that I liked him, blah blah, far from the truth. But he took it tough!

And he went out last night, didn't tell me where and turned off his cell phone. Now we talked and he's being really cruel to me he didn't want to tell me what he had done last night , then he told me and he claims he didn't cheat or that he didn't meet anyone, that it was just guys hanging out. But still.

For one, due to his job, we can only see each other on weekends. And two, I can never go out alone with my friends because he thinks I'll cheat, so how come he can do it and I just have to be OK with it, no questions asked?

And all this drama, why? Because of my past! Stuff that happened over 4 years ago! Stuff I'm already through with! Stuff that is absolutely meaningless to me! So what's the deal? How could my very tame past (if I say so myself) change him so much? It's unfair, I haven't done anything to hurt him on purpose, yet I'm the one that suffers and pays the consequences? I love him and I've been very patient because he always says that in the end I am the one and that he hopes one day all this will change. He has had bad experiences with his exes though (two of them cheated on him) and with his father who abused him physically, mentally, verbally and emotionally and abandoned him. I don't know if all of this is due to unresolved issues he has or if it has to do exclusively with me. But it sucks. Last night I had a crappy night, crying, while he was out there having fun! Unfair!
Why is the past so important to him?
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