I need some unbiased GirlsAskGuys perspective on this..

OK so for those of you that have heard the story and for those of you that didn't, my ex of 3.5 years is a lunatic. First things first, this was a piddly relationship, we owned a home, vehicles, 2 dogs a cat, etc.

We broke up for good a year ago (through the 3.5 year relationship we broke up 3 times, out of no where, for no reason, never an explanation) so you could assume what that did to my psyche.

Anyhow, he basically mentally abused me the entire time we've been broken up. From telling me he missed and loved me and wanted me back during Christmas, to not even 2 weeks later finding out he had a new girlfriend.

During that time he was with her, it was at first the I never loved you game you mean nothing to me. Then ever so often after that it was I still have feelings for you blah blah blah.

Keep in mind we were over 1000 miles apart, I moved back to my home town 3 weeks after breaking up for family and friends support.

Basically he just would never leave me be, always had to sneak up when I least expected it and drag me back in. I never called or text him, but I would never not respond, maybe for one or two but then I would break and give in.

Fast forwarding through some more excess bullsh*t from him, about a month ago I decided enough was enough, I've had it up to "here" with him, I will not respond to another single comment he makes.

What spawned this was when my brothers baby was born, he somehow saw a picture of my nephew and sent me

"he's so adorable, but me and you would make cuter babies"


"Bring Cash, Zeppelin and you home to daddy" (Cash and Zeppelin are my dog and cat)

So fed up with crying, and feeling hurt I decided this was the day the start of zero complete contact will start.

After he realized I wasn't responding anymore, he started texting me ridiculous things. From texting me randomly that he saw my dads twin, to whatever else that was utterly pointless.

But the one that really got to me was when he said,

"Guess who's going to be a daddy"

Ok so I don't know if he was talking about himself, or someone we knew, but I still didn't respond, that was the last thing he's text me, and its been over a week now.

Two years ago I miscarried at 3 months due to stress from him leaving me out of no where one of the times.

Why does he do this too me, why won't he let me go?

A few months ago I asked if he thought there would ever be a me and him again and he said no, so why all this?

Just looking for some insight other then from people I know.

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Sorry I screwed up, I meant to say in the beginning "this WASN'T a piddly relationship"
I need some unbiased GirlsAskGuys perspective on this..
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