Guys, Would you miss your ex-girlfriend after dumping her?

2 weeks ago my (34 y/o) ex-boyfriend dumped me after 2 years via email because he was not ready to commit and he doesn't know why! I never replied to his email, never called, texted or begged to come back. I am very hurt, devastated, feel rejected and heartbroken.
I know he never loved someone so much as me, he was always super attracted to me (I am a very modest person but confident enough to say I am a very attractive woman). I was the only girl he was never bored with, I was often planning fun weekends and was very generous. We had lots of fun together, and we were compatible on so many levels. I never pressured him with anything and recently asked if he would live with me in a YEAR and he said "I don't think I will be ready".(he still lives with his roommates)
I always spoke so higly of him & was supportive of his work and school. I think it got to his head and now he believes "the grass is always greener" and he can find someone better. Each time he was pessimistic about our relationship I cried and begged him to stay positive and not ruin what we have.
I keep it busy, go out with friends but also think of him every day. I wonder if he already moved on. It's killing me:(
He said a few times he might have a commitment phobia but I think - maybe he was not that into me after all.
Do you think he will ever regret his decision and miss me sometimes?

I am going to some event in a few days and found out he may be there! I don't even know if I should go, it scares me...
My friends are convincing me to go and have a great time and if he is there and sees me, act happy like I am not effected by the breakup and already moved on.
Guys, Would you miss your ex-girlfriend after dumping her?
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