I always people away. I can't stop?

Everytime someone gets close, I push them away. I haven't realized what a big problem that is until today. I knew I did that but I didn't see how bad this is getting. It has prevented me from forming new relationships, romantic and friendly type.

Every time someone tries to get close, I feel uncomfortable so I start to pull away. I haven't made many friends since high school and I am 23. Well, close friends. I met new people. But I don't allow them to get close though. I feel weird. I am starting to allow people to be close to me as friends. But then they're like "I love you" and all i can I say "oh... thanks" I wish I can say it back. These are just friends by the way.

And with dating, don't even get me started. I've never dated before. I have missed out on so many opportunities. I grew up thinking my crushes never liked me. And now, I think that the guys I am interested in may like me too, then I feel weird when they try something. I over think it and I kind of pull away. I figure they are being friendly because who would like me right? Or maybe they are joking. I have found out that they actually did like me when it was too late.

I feel like an idot sometimes. I don't know why I keep doing this. How can I make it stop?
I always people away. I can't stop?
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