If a guy is talking about marriage, does that mean he really serious about you?

I know that sounds silly, but me and him have been dating for a while, he's a bit younger than me and he said when he's 18 (he's almost 17) he'd love to move in with me and when we both get a stable life outside of high school he'd love to marry me.

Sweet talk or serious?


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  • He may just want to tell you what he thinks you want to hear so he can get in your panties. You could play some silly head games and tell him you don't believe in marriage and see what he does. If he loses interest in you, you know you blew it, but at your age it doesn't matter.

    People change a LOT before they are 25. They change their goals. They develop their habits and set their course in life. Making commitments at your age will most likely be a total waste of time and effort. Concentrate on you and your future and you will find someone right. If he's the right guy, he may even wait for you. Until you're older, you're the most important person in your life. If your life is on track and you have your sh*t together, you will be much more of a marriage catch for a guy.

    • Well he doesn't believe in premarital sex so I don't know if "getting in my panties" is the reason. but ty :)

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