I think he said "I love you" How do I find out w/out actually asking him?

Ok, so we were sleeping together and I believe in the middle of the night he hugged me and gave me a kiss on the lips and said "I love you", but I could have been dreaming because I was really tired. Should I ask him or wait until he tells me again? It's killing me because I want to know.


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  • Recreate the circumstances that made him say it before.

    Or, do as Kimberlyinspired said, just do the casual, "luv ya" thing. He might be worried that you haven't reciprocated his feelings.

    You could just ask him, "Did you say anything to me in bed last night? "


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  • Just say I love you to him. Or make it casual. When you both are to part ways, say "luv you" and he may say it back too.

    • Thank you, I might try it:-)