What should I do to get them to trust us again?

Okay so me and my girlfriend wanted to see each other, so i went to her house at midnight and she snuck me in and we were together and there was some complications so i had to stay and hide till morning and when it came we thought her mom had left and when i came out she caught me using the restroom. She gave us a long lecture and talk, she said that she thought i was a good guy and i am, so now i can't see my girlfriend and even talk to her at school... it's only been a day and its already horrible and devastating... she said to give it time till her mom backs off and eases down... and a lot of people tell me to just wait and let time tell... i had a plan that on Valentines day which is in about 4 weeks i will go and knock on there door and ask if i can give my girlfriend her gift and to sit down and talk to her parents in private and try and explain how i feel... and our one year mark is in March...


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