How to get her to be more supportive?

My girl cheated and admitted it to me and i decided to keep her because she has a done a lot of work for us. She understands that it is still tender to me and that i get paranoid but when it comes down to when i get deep in my feelings and tell her she just gets upset she isn't so much there for me like she should be because i stayed. how do i ask her to be there more or what do i do?


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  • Yeah, if my Husband ever cheated and told me- meaning I didn't hae to find out from someone else and it wasn't just because he was afraid I'd find out I'd stay too. After a certain point your going to have to drop it if you are staying, if you can't drop it you should just end it now. How long ago did it happen?

    • It happened over the summer and she just told me a couple days ago

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    • Did she like beg for your forgiveness or try to make you feel bad for finding out?

    • She was very sorry and it was like she felt so bad she couldnt get over it almost.

  • You just had to tell her how you feel... i just told @joeman1252 how I felt today


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