How would you feel if your cheating affected someone, by pushing them over the cliff?

One night you went out with a group of friends, and for whatever reason ended up cheating on your (boyfriend/girlfriend) with another guy/girl. They learned of this and confornted you. After a calm discussion they asked showed you the door and asked that you remove yourself from there life's at ones. There was no yelling, name calling or swearing comming from them, only them telling you all of this with a dead look in there eyes and in very monotone way.

After couples of days news reached you that your boyfriend/girlfriend have taken there life. The reason for this was never provided, but was open to speculation. Would you feel that your actions to cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend have resulted in there desission to end there own life; or would you consider that the fact that you cheated has nothing to do with there decission and that it was in the works for a while, your actions did nothing wrong to provoke the person to commit suicide, or would you consider your actions the "last straw" that pushed the person off the cliff and into a black void which resulted in loss of life.

Note: There is no wrong or right answer, this is a psychological experiment I'm running. After reading couple of interesting psychology books I'm trying to figure something out, and as such need others to take part in this little experiment.

You don't have to share your legit stories of cheating. It can be fictional (running this question as a simulation in your head).

Cheers and good luck.
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  • At first, I would feel responsible. But ultimately, taking your life is the choice of the individual. You have to be very sick to kill yourself, and while I may have not helped by cheating, I didn't create their mental illness and I didn't make the choice of them to kill themselves, especially if we talked it out and I tried to atone for it. I've never cheated, but I have known people who have killed themselves, and that is a decision that is made in even some of the best circumstances, so I wouldn't blame myself forever. We can affect our environment, but the choices of those around us are their own.

    • Actually suicide is not exactly "I want to die" it's "I want to escape this pain" people who commit suicide never wanted or want to die. They want to escape, problem is that your brain undergoes permanent change and as result reality becomes warped in ones own perspective. However you don't have to be "sick" as you mentioned it. 7/10 people don't even know they have a mental disorder. They key point here is cheating was a tipping point. A final push, I left the reasoning a vague speculation of virtually anything. I don't approve of cheating as its massive betrayal in any situation with most using "I was drunk" excuse. Good job truth.

    • If it isn't a mental illness then it is still a choice. I have had horrible things happen to me, really horrible things, but it's still my responsibility to choose how I handle it. If someone isn't apparently ill and they choose to kill themselves instead of dealing with the pain then it falls on them.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd definitely feel partially responsible, especially if I knew she had depression beforehand, because it's a shitty, inconsiderate, cowardly thing to do. That said, one betrayal, no matter how horrible doesn't lead straight to suicide, there'll have been some hinky shit about before cheating, whether that be inherent mental illness or prolonged shitty situations

    • That's correct. 7/10 people are unaware that they have an undiagnosed form of a mental disorder. Suicide is usually brought on by stress, and is often an impulsive action. But as I said no reason was provided, so that mean your actions were the final straw to something that was going on in there life for long time.

    • In which case, yeah I'd feel guilty. If we'd been in a relationship I'd likely have been aware of the various stresses and their effects, at least to some degree. As for the last straw, I'd feel guilty knowing I cheated, not broke up with her, because obviously she'll be crushed and I already knew of her difficulties

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  • Obviously it was the tipping point and not the main thing

    • That is correct. Suicide is brough on by prolong suffering, ones action were simply the final push. This however does not make you 100% guilty of there death, it makes you responsible. But the final straw could have been anything really loss of job, loss of family member, etc. Cheating being one of stressors but not final reasoning.

    • Yeah exactly

    • You sir know your stuff :) this is a bit of a trick question with many possible replies. Somehow now many see that. Point of this whole thing is looking outside the box and between the lines.

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