Do you think he likes me?

So there is this boy I like, and he's giving me mixed signals. Like on Instagram, we talk sometimes, most of the time he doesn't reply (he's busy with football practice and all) And he always apologizes after.

In real life, sometimes he'd try to impress me, dancing, cracking a joke. And he always acts kinda nervous around me, his friends are always laughing when they're around me as well. There are times (whenever we see eachother) he'd glance at me, and when we make eye contact, he quickly looks away and I've noticed how he kinda blushes as he looks away.

To his friends he tries to act like nothing happened, acting like he's cool. Too cool it seems like he was hiding something. + He always makes an effort to look nice around me, you'd see him smoothing his hair back and pulling his shirt down a tad bit. Maybe trying to make his and my friends laugh, and when they do, he stares at me, like he's trying to distract people.

He's the kind of person who never admits to liking anybody, he's an extrovert but doesn't allow people to get so close to him, (unless it's sports or family) And more than once I broke the touch barrier, he seemed perfectly fine..

Do you think he likes me?
How can I attract him?

p. s. He's a Libra.


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  • I don't think horoscopes have to do with anything, but I'll tell you what I can. I think he's warming up to you and possibly likes you. My friend has several guys after her, but she doesn't see it, but I can. They usually blush, try to get her attention in every way they can, even if it's pissing them off, impressing her, and looking at her longingly when she's not looking but they look away when she looks back at them.


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