I've been in a relationship with my Girlfriend for 2 months now, And she still has hundreds of pictures of her ex still up?

I've been in a relationship with my Girlfriend for 2 months now, And she still has hundreds of pictures of her ex still up...

We met when she was with her boyfriend at the time (We didn't do anything) while they were still together however she was telling me how unhappy she was and how much she liked me etc, All he did was smoke weed everyday and barley talk to her... Anyways 3 months ago she broke up with him and now we've been going out for 2 months.

I told her it bothered me and she only deleted a few... I thought that ex's are supposed to STAY in the past... Any of my friends now or family go on her page, will see him and her together a few photos down... I just think it's wrong... I'm NOT jealous... Any advice thanks!
PS: I'm 22, She's 27

**Entered the wrong year by mistake**


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  • I'd be pissed. I told my girlfriend last year the same thing I want that shit off her facebook, and she was like "what about all the girls on your page you're with?" I responded with "lol? You mean my sister and my close friends out at bars drinking? Oh, that's somehow equivalent to you and your ex all over each other. 'Kay" and she got mad and deleted her pictures. I don't know if she deleted them all, but I will not go to her page and find out because if she didn't, it'll just piss me off again.

    Word of advice, address the issue to her if you haven't, (further address it about how the few she still has up bothers you) and just avoid looking at her page for the time being. To be honest, she still has feelings in my opinion, and that's why she keeps them up. The possibility of them getting back together may be slim, but if they do, in her mind she at least still has the pictures. Are they still friends on social media? If so, there may be more of a problem in your hands..

    • How do I confront her about it, I told her already it annoyed me and she deleted like 5 pictures, And she sees nothing wrong with it... Yes they are friends on Facebook

    • Make a point I guess. If she says she sees nothing wrong with it, upload pictures of you and an ex or put them in frames around your place and let her see how it feels (assuming you still have some)

      If not that, all you can do is approach her like you did before.. She does not see anything wrong with it because she's never been in that position so you'll need to show her how you feel and that it's not okay when you've moved on apparently and the past is the past.

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  • I was totally judging you by your age, lol.

    But anyway, I don't see why it's such a big deal. As long as her current posts/profile pics don't involve him, it's fine. Like you said, the past is the past. Deleting it online wouldn't change anything. I'd actually be a bit offended if my boyfriend made me delete all traces of previous relationships - they're part of me, afterall.

    • Would you be okay if your boyfriend had hundreds of pictures of his ex and him kissing etc...

    • Lol I wouldn't date a guy if he was the kind to flaunt around all the girls he's had, yknow.
      But I get what you're trying to say, but hey, who has her now? You. I think you're better off enjoying her company than causing a rift over silly social media posts...

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  • she still got feelings for him as well. u dont just get over some one in 2months it takes times. u shouldn't have got together so fast u should of takin your time. she won't admit to u she still has feelings for him, its up to u.

    • What would you do?

    • i would find out how they really feeling about me where do i stand once u know the answer u would know what to do.. actions speak louder then words

  • Yes that is disrespectful, its normal to be upset by that

  • That's weird

  • Some people like to keep memoirs of everything.


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