Girls and guys, a question! Have you ever found out quite a while after the fact, that someone had an intense crush on you, but you never knew?

When i was in high school (I know not what it is called in America) nearing my final years, a girl had a big crush on me from a level below my own. The whole time, i never knew about it because i was so busy with school work and my own interests.

It wasn't until 1-2 years after school had ended and everyone chose every possible direction on the compass to disappear into, when my sister (who was in the same year as the girl) told me that this girl had had a big crush on me. Looking back, i remember her being quite attractive, but nothing beyond that. I recall her staring at me a few times and sometimes even doing the ''seductive smile'' kind of thing, but it never 'clicked' in my head what her intentions actually were - that she was interested in me.

Anyone found out about someone having a crush on you, months or years later, when it is well and truly too late.


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  • Yup sure did. We talked about, she cried, said nothing could be done, I'm just sitting there like ¬_¬ lol


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