I met a 21 yr old girl from my condo. she keeps asking to watch movies and hang out?

i m not into her like that but i do want company and friends... what are some ways to let her know this is what i want without making her feel rejected? i ignored the first time she asked to watch a movie next week... and were already suppose to go play badminton this Sunday...

she's too young and we both plan on moving in 6 months...

seems like she doesn't care i m 11 years older than her...

how do i let her know i juss wanna be friends and companion buddies? i prefer a subtle way, not "lets talk" type of way


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  • treat her like a friend, exactly like a friend. that is literally all you have to do. if she tries to push past those barriers, bump that bitch back into the friendzone and start treatin' her like the friendliest friend she is ever gonna be.

    • here's the difficult part, she may be like were just friends but lead us into "daty and intimate" like way of hanging out... like go shopping together she invited me today) and watching movies like couples do...

      ideally, itd be good if she wanted to be friends with benifits lol but i feel if i dont hang out with her as she's asking me too, she won't be down. ( i m not pushing it that way by the way atm)

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  • Just say that you really appreciate her for being such a great FRIEND. And your happy you have her friendship. Big fat emphasis on friend and she'll get he hint


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  • Whats wrong with just having sex with her? Seems like thats what she wants, no strings attached. Is she unattractive?

    • if its just sex, id prob be down. but she wants to do daty things as bf/gfs do. for friends with benefits, there are rules not to get attached... she wants things to get attached...

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    • At least from my experience girls who invite guys over do watch a movie dont want more than a sex buddy.

    • yah we sorta did... she wasn't strongly against it but mentioned she's not the type that can handle it well... i just really dont like doing daty things with girls i m not into. makes me feel really uncomfy... they almost always fall thats why

  • Mention you have a girlfriend? A small little lie won't hurt anyone.

  • Make it clear that you just want friendship and nothing more.

    • trying to find out how wihtout being so straight forward and making her feel bad. i mean, if i m so straight forward, she might get into defensive mode and deny things.

    • Well, of course it's always best to use euphemism.

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