Is your first love the strongest bond you have had with the opposite sex?

There is an innocence you obviously cannot replicate with lovers that come later.

But is the memories and the bonds stronger with your high school sweetheart versus let's say a college bf/gf? Or even later?
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  • Not at all. Of course he was a lot of my firsts, and I would never change that because I loved him, but nothing could compared to what I have my husband. We have done so much exploring of our likes and kinks and each other that we can read each other like a book. Plus everything that we have been through together has made us a stronger couple because we've had to learn to have each others backs at times where we hated each other. There is something incredible special in all of that.


Most Helpful Guy

  • My first love was unrequited... and my second love too... also my third... and my fourth love, that's why I'm still single, and virgin in my late 30's :(


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  • My first love was in college and it radically changed the way I feel and perceive women. I think the next time I fall in love -- if I even do -- will be a pale comparison of what it was before.

  • I do admit, all that attraction was new and all that making out was pretty damn special.


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