Girls, She said she wishes she could fall in love with me but can't?

A girl and I had a short lived relationship, I was already in love with her, I don't know what she actually felt, had known each other almost a year and spent a lot of time together. I had suggested a relationship a couple months before, she wasn't certain, so I left it at that, then she asked a couple months later. Up to that point we never even kissed, I was giving her time to get over a breakup.

unfortunately, despite everything seeming perfect, one day I saw a look on her face, knew something was wrong, so I asked. That was when she broke it off, only about a month into it.

part of it she said was she wasn't over her ex and wanted to try again with him. The other part, which is what confuses me, is that she said she just wasn't crazy enough about me. She said that otherwise it would be a perfect relationship. She loved the way I treated her and the way I looked at her and smiled.

later on, we were just visiting, not even talking about our relationship, she told me she wished she could fall in love with me the way she wants to fall in love.

she also told me that the day I meet someone she will feel jealous because she knows how the girl will be treated, that she wishes she could fall in love with someone who treats her that way.

it wasn't that I was a pushover, but, I was very devoted to our relationship and was not very demanding, mainly because everything she gave was more than I was used to in past relationships.

i was baffled that she could give up within a month, that as things were getting better, or so it seemed, it all ended, yet she thought so much of it was perfect except that she just wants someone she is basically infatuated with.


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  • She broke it off because it wasn't fare to you. Meaning her heart is in someone else's hands. She felt that you are such an amazing person to lie too when it comes to being able to fall in love. She simply can't because her mind, heart and soul is nowhere near your grasps but someone else's. Its not fare for you to play second fiddle. Or having to wait for her heart. Its good she was honest about it. Sorry.


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