He says his girlfriend only gets jealous around girls who are prettier than her, should I be concerned?

So my best friend is male and we have been best friends since childhood. He has been in a relationship for about 2 months and I finally met her yesterday. She wasn't too fond of talking to me and it made things awkward.

Today I went to the cinema with my best friend which we do on a weekly basis, he was texting her but once he told her he was with me she kicked off.
Before she met me, she never kicked off when my best friend told her he was with me but now I don't understand why she feels so threatened by me and he said "I think she's just being jealous because you're prettier than her".

Tonight, my best friend sent me a screenshot of something his girlfriend commented on from a like page. It was writing saying "if you're boyfriend came to pick you up in his car and his female friend was sat in the front seat next to him, what would you do?" to which she commented "knock the bitch out"... as a friend he is very protective of me so he replied back to the comment saying "(my name) hasn't done anything other then play nice with you but I'm getting real tired of your petty jealousy Katie. If you can't accept mine and (my name) friendship then we shouldn't be together"


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  • Wow, I wish my "best friend" was like that. I have two guy best friends and have decided to end a friendship with one of them. He's done a lot of things to hurt me and he recently did something that I just could not forgive this time. One of the reasons I've realized our friendship should end is because of something similar to this. We have always been super close to one another. We would Skype every night and discuss everything or nothing. Then he gets a girlfriend and she and her best friend start icing me out. Her best friend made it obvious that she didn't like our close friendship while she pretended like she liked me, but would always exclude me when it came to things that she would do with him and her friends.

    He knew from the very start that her and her best friend were trying to tear our friendship apart, but instead of standing his ground and not allowing our friendship to be ruined because of them, he ditched me. I was totes okay with him getting a girlfriend and had no problem with it, but I hurt that he would just dump me just like that after being there for him for so long. If I got a boyfriend I would never let it come between my friendship with my best friends whether they were boys or girls. My friends have always been there for me. A high school boyfriend most likely will not.

    The fact that your best friend wouldn't let his girlfriend come between the two of you is so awesome. I wouldn't be worried about her. Keep trying to be friendly to her. You don't have to try super hard, but try enough so that she won't have anything bad to say about you. Don't give her any ammunition.

    • Oh me and him have had our ups and downs. 3 years ago we had a falling out over this girl that he liked. I grew suspicious of her actual intentions with him and was confirmed when he let me use his phone and accidentally saw the messages from her, which was basically her bitching about me to him and although he wasn’t saying bad things about me he wasn’t exactly telling her to stop.
      My suspicions were that she just wanted to lead him on and had no actual feelings for him beyond lust. I told him this and he was like “you don’t know her like I do”… righttt because girls who don’t hesitate to bitch about your friends is a good person. We stopped talking for months. They went out only for him to come back and tell me I was right. She wasn’t 100% invested into the relationship and within days of splitting up she got with another guy. He asked for my forgiveness and asked for us to be friends again. Promising that will not abandon me and actually listen to my advice.

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    • Totally understandable to be upset. I don't understand why they think it's okay to discuss what we say to others like that. If I tell you, I'm telling you in confidence. It's not to be repeated to others, especially to the person I'm talking about to you. Of course it still hurts. After what my soon to be ex-best friend did, it still plagues my thoughts almost every day that he still chose them over me. That despite how much of a good friend I tried to be and how much I was there for him, I still wasn't good enough.

      It's not like we are trying to keep them all to ourselves. We are just looking out for their best interest. I know that he always tells me what I should or shouldn't do with a guy. He told me that my ex-boyfriend was terrible for me and that I should break up with him and I listened to him. I knew he was right and took his advice. He never does the same with me yet constantly asks for it. I rarely ask for his advice, but he gives it to me anyway and then gets mad when

    • I don't follow it. I didn't ask for it.

      I feel like they don't seem to appreciate our friendship enough. Like, if I had a boyfriend talking shit about my best friend, I'd set the record straight. If my best friend was acting like a bitch towards my boyfriend, I would set them straight too. There is no need for hostility against each other and I won't tolerate one talking shit about the other. I'm not going to side with anyone, but I'm going to make sure that they know they are equally important to me, but in different ways. I'll make sure they know that they need to get along. If my boyfriend had problems with my best friend for no reason except for jealousy and tried to break us apart, there is a highly likely chance that I would break up with them because they've yet to prove to me that I can completely count on them while my best friend has already earned complete trust in me.

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  • Try to get to know his girlfriend, once she gets to know you she might calm down.

    • I tried. She just zones me out.

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  • It's pretty clear she is jealous and feels like you're threatening their relationship, some women are naturally like this, and you can't change the way they think.

    • According to my best friend she was completely fine knowing his best friend was female but then she met me and her whole attitude changed.
      She's either fine with it or she's not.

  • Damn yiu two should date and leave the bitch out


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