Is it okay if I get jealous when my girlfriend tells me about guys flirting with her?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost 9 months and she mostly hangs out with guys. Everyone at her lunch table is a guy and she only talks about her guy friends, and she told me some stuff they do to tease her and it's obvious they flirt with her. I told her I don't like that she tells me about them flirting with her like it's no big deal but she doesn't see why it's such a big deal. Is it okay that I'm jealous and maybe a little mad? Also I can't do anything about it because we are in a long distance relationship and I rarely see her and I never see her guy friends. I never talk about other girls because I don't want to make her jealous so I don't think she knows how it feels.
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  • i understand why you feel upset, but have a little faith, and try to discuss with her why it makes you upset. she probably won't stop hanging out with them though cuz they're her friends.


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  • Sure it's fine to get jealous, but not overly protective or anything and as long as you trust her and you know she ain't going to do anything about it then that's absolutely normal


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  • Lol, she's being kind of rude and a bit disrespectful. If I had a boyfriend I wouldn't be telling him about all the guys hitting on me. She, to me, is purposely trying to make you jealous. It's not necessary for her to be telling you those things. I doubt she would like it if you did the same thing to her. She'd probably be pissed. I may talk about guys that hit on me with my best friend, but that's my best friend. Not my boyfriend. I would have a chat with her about that. She needs to grow the f*ck up and not be a child.


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