How do I convince my band director to move this guy up (BAND GEEKS WANTED!) ?

Alright, so I'm a percussionist in the school wind ensemble and I really like this guy- he's a year older than me, but he's in the band below me (we have two levels; he's in the concert band, and I'm in the auditioned wind ensemble). He's also a drummer, we met through band and, though I'm on the younger end of the spectrum of my school, I'm second chair in the percussion section, meaning that if I get upgraded to first chair next year, I'll get to call the shots around the section.
One thing that I really want to make sure of as someone of relative power in the section (and, thus, in the band) is that this guy makes it up to the wind ensemble, because he's just so good at what he does. The problem is, though, that I'm not the one he auditions for. Auditions are run by the band director who, as the guy puts it, is a "pepperoni crusted long titted no-good nipple" that he thinks would never accept him into the auditioned group despite his being a great player.
To all my band geeks out there, is there anything you guys think I could do to try to convince our band director that he'd be a good contestant for it?


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  • howcome the band directors haven't noticed this guys talent?

    • he's not a class clown or anything, but he's definitely a goofball, which might have something to do with if. (could also have to do with the calling him a "pepperoni crusted long titted no-good nipple"...)

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    • i understand. i was in orchestra myself. disruptive people aren't welcomed w/ open arms. then it merely becomes a question if his talent is worth the risk. i can't think of any clever way to get him moved up aside from impressing the director w/ his behavior or skill

    • only advice i can give is to practice with him... thus improving together, while you monitor his humor =)

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