Is this understandable?

I had a talk with my girlfriend the other night, she kissed a guy 15 months ago and she kind of knew it was coming. She apologized I forgave her, it was the first month. 15 months in, she said a guy kissed her but she broke up out of guilt before telling me?

We then got back together after I discovered the reason. I forgave her, she said the guy kissed her... She is really pretty. I've talked to her about steps to prevent this in the future by making it more aware that she's in a relationship with someone.

Am I handling this the right way? I said if it happened again we would be over.
Have I done everything I should in my position, she has been loyal other than those two issues... She's never done anything else and I have had her phone before to see...

Any recommendations on anything more? Now, it's just forgiving her? Because I really want too...
I know it's just a kiss, but it's still the principle. Typically, a guy won't just kiss a girl. I asked her a lot and she swore up and down he did. The guy is pretty confident too.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions, we've been in a relationshup for 16 months.


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  • Actually, some men will try, I've had 2 try after making it very clear I was seeing someone and even walked or turned away.

    If out of 16 months, that's all she's done, I'd forgive her. She's proven to you that she isn't like that and she's into just you.

    Everyone makes mistakes.

    • I agree, the last step for me is making her promise she will be more vigilant and try to avoid that. In person.. But, that's why I have forgiven her. Thank you for the input.

    • Very glad it worked out. :) Goodluck!

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