A series of questions for women about their behaviors

Ladies.. I need your help. I'm writing a book and I need this material in order to finish. I need to ask 100 ladies 100 questions, and I'm not quite there yet. But... I do have a lot of questions guys have been dieing to know. If you could, please take a moment to answer these questions for me. And PLEASE be honest. If you're planning on making jokes, don't even bother. Please include your age. I need to know what age groups these are coming from. If you want to remain anonymous, send me an email through this site with your answers.Thank you so much! :)

1. Why do women bring up old issues that happened months ago?

2. Why do women say "I'm fine" when her boyfriend asks her what's wrong, when they both know she's not "fine"? Why doesn't she just tell us, instead of waiting?

3. Why do most women always feel the need to be in a relationship?

4. Have you ever cheated on your past or present boyfriend(s)?

5. Do you believe "once a cheater, always a cheater"?

6. Do you eventually want to get married?

7. What is the first thing that attracts you to a man: Physically and Personality wise

8. Why do women "always gossip"?

9. Do you really tell your best friends everything about your relationship?

10. Why are women always checking their makeup or "powdering their nose"?

11. At what age do you want kids, if any at all?

12. What's one question you would never ask your boyfriend, because you don't want to know the answer?

13. What's one question you would never ask your boyfriend, but you want to know the answer? Why wouldn't you ask?

14. Would you want to know how many women your boyfriend has slept with? Why?

15. Do you tell the truth when your boyfriend asks you how many men you've slept with? If no, do you underestimate or over exaggerate?

16. Women say they want romance. But when they get it, some run away. When does it become "too much" or "smothering"?

17. Do you believe a man should approach you first? Why?

18. Think of one thing that you think the male sex could improve when it comes to a relationship. Explain:

19. Think of one thing the male gender could change about themselves, in general. Explain:

20. What's the one thing a man could do to win your heart?

21. What's the one thing a man could do to completely turn you off?

22. What are the signs a man should look for if their girlfriend is cheating?

23. Is it ok for you friend to ever date your ex? Why?

24. In your opinion, why do you think most men are afraid of "commitment"?

25. Are you "okay" with your boyfriend going to the strip clubs? Looking at pornography? Explain:

26. Ok ladies.. Be honest: Does size really matter? The men are dying to know!

27. Why do women always insist on talking about the relationship, and "where it's going" when things are going just fine?
A series of questions for women about their behaviors
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