Getting back with an ex , Why am I jealous of his past?


A year & a half ago my Ex boyfriend dissapered, he changed his number, he refused to see me, and he blocked me off social networking sites. ( no i wasn't badgering him, i just wanted to know what happened) We was engaged and we talked about children. We were together three and a half years. There were bad times and their were good times. Recently i got a call out of the blue, he was asking if i was okay and that he cares about me still. I told him i was fine but i was really bitter and demanded answers. He wouldn't speak to me for a week until he finally contacted me again. He told me he dissapered because we were toxic and are arguments were to much. He needed to get his life back together, he couldnt say goodbye because he knew id talk him round, so he picked up and left.

I accepted the answer and im not angry about it anymore.

We were trying to get ourselves back on track, relationships were mentioned by him. He said he had a girlfriend for a month. I asked if he had sex with her, he lied and told me no. I knew he was lying and i begged him to tell me the truth, he told me he was intimate with her, i asked him to go into detail and he told me it was only once then it changed to two and then no more than three. I haven't kicked off or made him feel guilty as he was single. I also had a relationship but we were not intimate, it was more of a rebound. I am hurting that he slept with his ex girlfriend, i feel insanley jealous that im keeping inside. He doesn't compliment me like he once did. He said he cried when they broke up , but that was because he felt alone and useless as no one likes being dumped. They have broke up 4 weeks ago and me and him are together as i asked him to be with me. We have had sex. Its strange its like we are back to how we were, but not entirely the same emotionally. I am so confused and would like someone to share light on why im feeling this way.
Getting back with an ex , Why am I jealous of his past?
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