Catching feelings for friend with benefits?

Hi all, I am very confused and I have no idea what to do at the moment, so I have this friends with benefits and now i have feelings for him, I don't know if he does too because he just sends me mixed signals plus I find it even more difficult to tell since we sleep together, some people recommended me to talk to him, put it all out there and see what his take is, but I am afraid to lose him, like i don't want to lose our friendship, and I feel that if he doesn't feel the same I do he's not gonna want to hurt me and probably walk away, or maybe I should just keep it to myself and continue as we are, or just walk away. Any advice? Anyone been in the same situation I am? Thanks in advance!
Tell him how you feel, maybe he feels the same way
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Don't tell him and continue as you are, feelings only complicate things
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Walk away, you're only gonna get hurt
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Catching feelings for friend with benefits?
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