Is a woman more likely to be openly sexual with someone who isn't boyfriend material (see details)?

Answer these points and state WHY (you can refer to the points by their label if it helps e. g. A2)

A) Ok, it seems like women act more sexual/less innocent around guys who aren't boyfriend material? So both of the two hypothetical guys are attractive physically and both confident.

1. Boyfriend material guy = sweet to her, nice to her, respectful whilst still being attractively outgoing and confident, flirts whilst still being a gentleman, listens and responds to what she is saying whether by text or in person, texts her etc.

Pls note boyfriend material guy may meet her when she has a boyfriend, is he still boyfriend material when she becomes single?

2. The other guy = not that sweet, more crazy, poser/player (e. g. will openly on fb post photos with her and other girls with him in the middle saying "with fitties"), acts more forward/in your face, more touchy, no sweet texts, only to meet, openly calls lots of women hot even in front of her

He may act sexual/suggestive to her even whilst she has a boyfriend.

B) Explain why most women (including nice ones) act more sexual (even more slutty/touchy) around guy 2 (the other guy) than a boyfriend material guy? She may pose more suggestively in pictures, she may text them back more and as well as being outgoing to said guy and not acting innocent, she may even sleep with him QUICKLY. Whereas the boyfriend material guy sees her being innocent to him, she may not be as touchy and is more shy waiting for him to make all the moves.

C) Explain the case if she met both guys when she had a boyfriend and then she becomes single.

D) Would she be kinkier/more sexual with either guy? E. g. in terms of how dirty she'd be in the bedroom? Would she be fully sexual and enjoy dirty talk with boyfriend material guy or love it when the other guy calls her a slut and tells her to beg for it?
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How are you qualifying a good guy friend like in point C as someone who is boyfriend material, someone who is boyfriend material and you could hook up with (and still be friends) and someone you would just fuck?

Is a good guy ruled out for sex? Let's not forget that just cos a guy is boyfriend material doesn't mean you have to relationship him. He might not want one either. Maybe you two can bang and still be friends (most likely given he's a good guy and isn't going to hit and quit you)?

Why reward bad guys?
Is a woman more likely to be openly sexual with someone who isn't boyfriend material (see details)?
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