How to get a guy that's already in a relationship?


How to get a guy that's already in a relationship?

Yes, I know, it sounds bad. BUT
I've known this guy since 2010, just as an acquaintance. I actually met him in a bar that he worked at and we had a pretty intense stare session, it was an initial attraction. Then I found him on Facebook and gathered up my lady balls and added him - we talked, flirted a bit etc... Then my friend developed a crush on him and went full on psycho and I didn't want him to think I was like her so I backed off, even though he pretty much ignored her.

We kind of lost touch after that but I ran into him at a party and when I went to the toilets and came out, he actually waited for me outside and we walked towards the party, he put his arm around my waist and asked if I wanna get a cup of coffee sometimes and then his drunk friend interrupted and that coffee never happened. And I got a boyfriend like two weeks after that (that didn't last lol) and he got a girlfriend few months after and they're still together.

He also deleted his facebook, but added me on his new one eventually and then deleted me immediately (?)..

I still feel like we could've had something great but the timing was off, I don't think he's really happy in a relationship with her, and not being shallow, but she just got a mohawk and he likes girly girls, and overall he seems like a shadow of his former self..

How can I approach this? Add him on Instagram, remind him, I'm still here and see if he'll react? I don't know. HELP.
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I asked HOW, not IF.
How to get a guy that's already in a relationship?
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