My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me For No Reason...I Need Help!

2 Fridays ago my boyfriend left me because he said he couldn't do the relationship anymore. We dated for six months

Sunday he came over to talk to me and he told me that his decision to leave me was made and that it stands and he's not changing his mind and basically wouldn't tell me why--only that he wants space and for me to take care of myself.

Tuesday I called him and flipped out on him because I found out he asked a girl out on a date. He told me that we were done and to stay out of his personal life.

At Night he called me at night and I went outside to talk to him and he was standing there on his bike. We talked for awhile, he left to go get food and then he came back. We talked again and I ended up taking him to go get food. When he was going to leave, I got through to him that he was making a bad decision and we could work through it and he left with saying that he just needed time to think about it. I got hope because it was no longer that he was telling me just to accept it.

Wednesday night he texted me saying that he had a night to think and he wanted to talk. I didn't answer his phone call and three texts--one of which said that he would come over but he knew I wasn't home. I told him I came back and he didn't text me back. He called me at 6:00 in the morning and I answered and told me he called because he was curious and said we would talk later. He never called me.

Thursday he wanted to still talk about what he had to tell me. It was pouring out and I didn't answer so he came up to my room. We talked for awhile and he said that he still loved me and then one thing lead to another and we had sex. His reasoning was that he knew what he wanted and it was me but he still wouldn't be my boyfriend. He left afterward.

Friday, I wanted to avoid him and go to a party but we have mutual friends and he went to. I was acting bitchy and he was following me around. He ended up giving me PDA and we went home together and he slept over.

Saturday morning he left and then we got coffee and talked and the same thing--he loved me but he's just confused because he doesn't know how he is going to go the summer without me cause of stress and he can't concentrate with me. He came over later in the day and we had sex again. That night I told him I was done waiting and plying games and he needed to make up his mind. I left after that so he would wonder but then I came back. They girl he asked on a date was there--I tried to talk to him but he told me we were done. I saw him hooking up with her and threw my beer at him. Later he called me and told me he made a mistake but I left.

This morning he picked my lock and came into my room and I told him to leave. He came back and said he wanted me to be his girlfriend again and I told him idk. he said he wanted to talk later so he called me and I answered. I was real short and he told me he just wanted to hear my voice.i gave him a letter with his broken promises and he had a!
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he says he has never stopped loving me and and said yesterday that he wants me to be his girlfriend and he would do anything to prove to me and that it would make his life so much happier..idk how to trust him
My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me For No Reason...I Need Help!
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